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SuperPicks is a free-to-play football prediction platform that allows you to compete for bragging rights! We have two free games on offer: Football Predictor and Fantasy Football Predictor – Make six accurate football score predictions and answer the Tiebreaker Question in any given round Fantasy – Choose your match, create your team, choose your captain and vice-captain and go head-to-head with other fantasy football players

Once you’re on Superpicks: -> Tap ‘Join’ -> Enter your mobile number, a strong password and a few more details -> Tick the appropriate check boxes (once you’ve read them) -> Tap ‘Submit’ You’ll receive an OTP (one-time password) to verify your mobile number. Enter it, and let the games begin on Nigeria's number 1 football prediction platform!

Yes! SuperPicks is COMPLETELY FREE to play.

Yes, you can! SuperPicks and BetKing use the same login credentials, so you can log in with the same mobile number and password.

If you have a query concerning your SuperPicks account, you can email [email protected] and be sure to include the following details within the email so the team can identify your account and handle your query as swiftly as possible: Your first name Your surname Your mobile number (which you use to log in to SuperPicks)

Yes, you can download the Android SuperPicks app directly from the Download app page here -> We are working on the IOS app and it will be out soon!

You can view the full SuperPicks Terms and Conditions here: and our Privacy Policy here:

Absolutely! SuperPicks is for everybody. Football Predictor is super easy to play! Simply pick the scores of 6 football matches and answer a tiebreaker question. It takes 5 minutes and it’s free. Fantasy football is a little more complex, but equally fun. You create a squad of players based on the teams in a real-life match and earn points based on the players performances in that match. Check out our ‘How To Play’ pages which will guide you through the process for each of our games.

Football Predictor is simple – Make six accurate football score predictions and answer the Tiebreaker Question (predict the minute when the first goal will be scored) in any given round. After you have made your score predictions, you will be taken to registration. Once signed in, your predictions will be submitted, and you will stand a chance to win. It is that easy! You can participate every week, but you can only submit one prediction per round. The leagues that you will often make predictions for include: Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Ligue A, Champions League and Europa League. Check out our How To Play page for more info.

While playing Football Predictor you will receive five (5) points for every exact score predicted, two (2) points for every correct match result predicted, and zero (0) points for every incorrect match result predicted. That means you can receive a maximum of five (5) points for each match and a maximum of thirty (30) points in each round.

Sure. You can edit your Football Predictor selections as many times as you want before the round goes live (which is at the scheduled kick-off time of the first match).

Every customer can only make one entry per Football Predictor round. But you can always come back for the next round and submit a new prediction again.

Football Predictions need to be submitted before the start of the first game in each round, but each round will be open for predictions approximately six days before the first game kicks off, so you will have plenty of time.

You can compete for bragging rights.

After each round, you will be able to see your position on the leader board, which can be accessed via the menu of From here, you can tab between the leader board for the previous round and the leaderboard for the season-to-date. To see a breakdown of your football predictions for each round, simply go to the game page and select the ‘Round’ title. From here you will see a menu of all previous rounds in the season and a summary of your performance in each.

If any fixture within a SuperPicks Predictor round is postponed, abandoned or not completed (where less than 90 minutes is played) the fixture will be considered void. If only five SuperPicks Football Predictor fixtures are completed during any round, the ₦50 MILLION jackpot prize fund will be reduced to ₦5 MILLION for that round and the weekly guaranteed prize fund will remain at ₦1 MILLION. If only four SuperPicks Predictor fixtures are completed during any round, the ₦50 MILLION jackpot prize fund will be reduced to ₦ 2.5 MILLION and there will be no weekly guaranteed prize fund for that round. If three or fewer fixtures are completed there will be no jackpot or weekly guaranteed prizes for that round.

You will need to predict the minute of the first goal in each of the six football matches in a round of SuperPicks Predictor. When two or more people score the same number of points at the end of a Football Predictor round then they , the person who has correctly predicted (or was closest to) the actual time of the first goal will be placed highest. The timings of goals scored will be recorded as follows: 0-59 seconds = 1st minute, 1m00s – 1m59s = 2nd minute and so on.

All SuperPicks Football Predictor results and points are settled based on the result after 90 minutes of play plus any official injury time. This does not include extra time or penalty shootouts which will not count against your SuperPicks fixture predictions.

There will be Football Predictor rounds in most weeks throughout the soccer season (starting again in August 2023), providing plenty of opportunities for you to aim for the jackpot prize!

You can refer your friends to Football Predictor by logging into SuperPicks and visiting the Refer-a-Friend page. On the page, you will see your very own referral link which you can share on social media channels or via media messaging platforms. When someone clicks on that link, uses it to complete their SuperPicks registration and plays the game for the first time they will be logged as your referral.

On the login screen, tap ‘Forgot your password?’ > enter your mobile number and then tap ‘Reset Password’. You’ll receive an OTP (one-time password) > use this to create your new password. Welcome back.

No, you cannot. The phone number that you have chosen during the registration process cannot be changed once you have created your SuperPicks account.

Fantasy Football is one of the most rewarding experiences for football fans there is. Choose your match, create your team, choose your captain and vice-captain, and go head-to-head with other fantasy football players.

While creating a football team, please remember: You must pick 11 players within a 100-credit budget. For a matchday contest, you can only pick a maximum of 7 players from one team. For a gameweek contest (coming soon!) with exactly 2 matches, you can only pick a maximum of 5 players from one team. For a gameweek contest (coming soon!) with more than 2 matches, you can only pick a maximum of 3 players from one team. You're almost there. Before saving the team, select: -> A captain (earns 2x the points) -> A vice-captain (earns 1.5x the points) And you're done. Join the contests, keep playing and winning on SuperPicks Fantasy!

Here's all you need to know about the Fantasy Football Points System -> Keep playing and winning on SuperPicks Fantasy!

For now, you will only be able to create 1 team for a Fantasy Football contest.

Look for these details in a matchday contest, and you’ll be ready to play in no time! League – the name of the league that the contest is for i.e. Premier League. Teams – the home and away teams taking part in the match. Countdown clock – a timer shows how long until a contest begins. Entries – how many entries there have been out of the total available spots. Entry Fee – all contests are completely free to enter. Prize pool – the total amount of money to be distributed amongst the winners. If a fantasy football contest catches your eye, click ‘create team’ and get winning!

Click the burger menu > Select Fantasy > Click ‘My Contests’ and you’re there! - Before the contest deadline, under the Upcoming tab. - After the contest deadline, under the Live tab. - Once the contest is complete, under the Complete tab. NB: Viewing the contests here will give you access to match previews, player stats, live scores and much more. Find all that and more on Upcoming Contests

When a fantasy football contest is upcoming, you can: - View match previews, head-to-head results, player stats and team form. - Edit your fantasy team as many times as you like. - See who you are up against on the contest leaderboard. - Familiarise yourself with the prize details for the winning positions. When a contest is live, you can: - Follow the live leaderboard to see how much cash you are winning. - View match results, live scores, match commentary and key events. - Look at your fantasy team and see which players have earned you points. When a contest is completed, you can: - Check the final leaderboard to see where you placed and how much cash you have won.

Follow these simple steps to edit your fantasy football team: 1) Head to My Contests and select the specific contest under Upcoming Contests. 2) Click on 'My Team' to the right-hand side. 3) Tap the green 'Edit Team' button. 4) Make the edits, save the changes, and that's it. You can edit your team as many times as you want before the match deadline.

Fantasy Football teams CANNOT be edited after a match starts.

You are only allowed ONE entry per Fantasy Football contest.

You are not able to delete a Fantasy Football team, however, you can edit the team you created.

You can compete for bragging rights!

If any of your selected players don't play in a match, they won't be awarded any points. Please choose your Fantasy Football teams carefully to be on top of the leaderboard.

The winnings will be equally split between all the players who tied up for that rank. For example, the winning amount for Rank 1 is ₦1,000 and Rank 2 is ₦500. If two players tie for 1st rank, the winnings for 1st and 2nd ranks will be split equally between both the winners. In this case, both players will win ₦750 each.

If a Fantasy Football contest has multiple winners, then the prize money for the number of positions is summed and divided by the number of winners. e.g.: 2 users tie for 1st place. The prize for 1st place is ₦100 and the prize for 2nd place is ₦50. Therefore, each user will receive ₦100+ ₦50/2 = ₦75.

Fantasy Football scores are updated every minute! We try to award points to players based on their performance in real-time, hence your scores keep changing as the actual match progresses. Final Fantasy Football points are awarded after the match is over and your team rank is updated based on the final tally of points. A few things to remember: - Your fantasy football points will keep changing while the match status is ‘Live’ or ‘In Review’ on SuperPicks. - Winners are declared and winnings are credited only after the match status changes to ‘Complete’.

Players can score Fantasy Football points for their performances during extra time but cannot score points during a penalty shoot-out.

The deadline for ALL matchday contests is the start of the match! The deadline for ALL game week contests (coming soon!) is the start of the first match in that game week! You can create/edit your team and join contests right until the official match start time. The skill of winning on Superpicks Fantasy Football is about picking the BEST performing players, not picking who’s going to play. By making the deadline when the match starts, we are ensuring that skill is the key factor to victory on our platform.

If any match is abandoned or has no match result, the respective matchday contests for that match are also abandoned and the entries will be void. A match can be abandoned before it has started or once the match has already started.

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