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There will be Football Predictor contests on SuperPicks every week. All you need to do is use your football knowledge to predict the scores of 6 matches, and you can stand the chance to win up to ₦100 million weekly and It’s completely free to play.

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To successfully join a Predictor contest, you need to enter what you think the scores will be for the 6 matches on offer. If you get the scores 100% correct, you stand the chance to win up to N100 million.

Pro tip: You need to predict what you think the score will be at the end of 90 minutes. This includes all stoppage and injury time, however, extra time does not count for the Predictor game.

What if more than one person gets the scores 100% correct?

That’s where the tiebreaker question comes into play. After entering the scores for the 6 games, you will be asked to select what minute the first goal will be scored across the 6 games. If you think one of the games will have an early goal, then input a low minute number. If you think all the games are going to get off to a slow start, then input a higher minute number. In the case where more than one person gets all the scores 100% correct, the person with the closest tiebreaker answer will be awarded jackpot

Pro tip: If you are short on time, make use of the Quick Picks feature. This will automatically select 6 match scores for you. The Quick Picks features takes into account probabilities, but also combines an element of randomness.

Win For Real

In a contest where no one gets all 6 match scores 100% correct, there will be a consolation prize of N1 million up for grabs. This prize will be awarded to the user who got the most accurate score predictions in the contest.

How do you tell who has the most accurate score predictions?

There is a points scoring system available to measure how accurate a score prediction is. The person who accumulates the points in a contest will be awarded N1 million.

Predict the correct score

5 Pts

Predict the correct outcome

2 Pts

Predict the above incorrectly

0 Pts

What if there is a tie for the most points scored in the round?

The N100 million or N1 million will be split equally among all the users in the tied position. This is known as the dead-heat rule. This only applies if no person got all the scores 100% correct.

Every Week

When the last match of the contest is complete, and the final whistle goes, come back on to Predictor to see how many points you accumulated and where you finished on the leaderboard. If you won the N100 million jackpot or the N 1million consolation prize - our team will reach out to you using the phone number you provided on registration. After verifying your information, your winnings will be sent to you for you to enjoy.

Pro tip: The max number of points that can be scored in a contest is 30 points. This is calculated by 5 points x 6 matches. Don’t get disheartened if results aren’t going your way. In the past, some people have won rounds with as little as 19 points. Play every week to increase your chances of winning.

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